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Grey Marble Effect Tiles

Renovate Your Home’s Grey Areas With Grey Marble Effect Tiles 

Struggling to choose tiling solutions to renovate difficult areas?  Why look for traditional solutions when you can take the road less travelled. Dantotsu brings to you a range of Grey marble effect tiles. Visit our online store today to choose grey marble effect tiles according to your areas.

Give Your Home the Personality it Deserves

Tiles that you use in your home speak volumes about your personality and choices. If walls are the life of any area, tiles are its soul. At Dantotsu we are committed to help your areas shine. From offering expert advice to helping you choose the right tiles, Dantotsu will malk the last mile with you.

Some Contemporary Tile Patterns for Your Home

The Diagonal lay Pattern

Best suited for small areas. In this pattern, tiles are laid next to one another at a 45 degree angle.

The Basket Weave Pattern

Square horizontal rectangular tiles are placed next to vertically aligned tiles in a way that it mimics weaving.

The Hexagon Pattern

Patterned hexagon are mixed with plain hexagon tiles to create a unique effect.

Discover the A-Z of Tiles at Dantotsu

At Dantotsu, our product range includes grey marble effect tiles,black marble tiles, and much more. No matter whether you have unique needs or want a run of the mill solution, we have answers to all your questions.

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