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Black Marble Tile

Unable to Choose the Right Tile Color for Your Home? Go Black and see the Difference 

There are many tile colors to choose from, however, many of them, especially white is overused. Why not try black marble tiles? After all, they look stylish and are lustrous. Dantotsu brings to you a range of black marble tiles that is sure to enhance your home’s oomph appeal. Visit Dantotsu online store to shop for black marble tiles and marble effect tiles.

Create Magic With Tiles

Tiles are more than just fancy accessories. The right choice can go a long way in creating magical spaces. Right from conceptualizing to choosing the right tiles for your home, Dantotsu is with you at every step in your journey to giving your home the character it truly deserves. Whether you have a run of the mill project or a complex requirement, we will be up to the task.

Tile Trends to Watch out for in 2018

Bold Patterns

Bolder colors and patterns are in. Bold patterns are usually recommended for dull spaces with few accessories.

Innovative Shapes

New and out of the box tile shapes are trending big time. From diamonds to crosses and tiles that resemble the English alphabet, ‘H’, there is a lot to choose from.

Small Tiles

Seems like tiny is in. First it was shrinking waist size then pocket sized gadgets and now dwarf sized tiles.

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