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white marble effect tiles

 Give Your Home a Chic Makeover With White Marble Effect Tiles  

Still stuck with conventional tiling choices? To help you break the circle, Dantotsu brings to you a range white marble effect tiles that are nothing like anything. These marble effect tiles are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. So put your thinking caps on when choosing from our range of white marble effect tiles because it's going to be a hard decision to make.

Whatever the Size of Your Project, Dantotsu has a Solution

Whether you are working to renovate the walls of your bathroom or planning to give your entire home a chic makeover, Dantotsu has a solution to all your tiling problems. Our range of tiles are available at Dantotsu online store.

Trending Tile Patterns for Your Home

The Straight lay Pattern

Is the simplest tile pattern. Tiles are laid side by side in a line. Definitely a try if you’re a fan of the minimalistic look.

The Chessboard Pattern

Mimics the white and black pattern of chessboard, hence the name. Black and white tiles are alternately laid in a straight line.

The Brick Pattern

In this pattern every tile aligns with the centre of the tile above and below it.

Think Tiles, Think Dantotsu

 At Dantotsu, we relish in leaving our buyers spoilt for choice. From conventional solutions to contemporary products, we have it all. Visit our online store to shop from our range of white marble effect tiles.

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To choose a chic makeover tile that not only fits your budget, but suits your project needs too, get in touch with one of our tile experts. We will be happy to help!