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Slim Tiles


Go for Slim tiles for a Special Effect

Why look for ordinary wall tiles when renovating your home when you have the option to innovate and improvise? Small tiles and slim tilesare the new big thing in the home decor world and are increasingly used by architects everywhere. Shop for small metro tiles at Dantotsu online store and we are sure that our wide range of small tiles will sweep you off your feet!

Think extraordinary with Dantotsu

Dantotsu is known for its unique solutions, that do not compromise a but on the quality. What is more is that these are sold at a very affordable cost! Whether you need slim tiles, kitchen tiles or tiling accessories, we are your one stop shop for all your tiling needs. Our product range will definitely leave you spoilt for choice.

Our favourite Modern Tiling Ideas

  • Parallel: This might look arbitrary, but nobody can deny that it has a unique charm to them.
  • Association: This tiling idea is best suited for old buildings. The styling has an industrial appeal.
  • Halfway Laid: This tiling idea involves covering the area partially with tiles. For other sections, alternatives to tiles can be used.
  • Height Edging: Rectangular wall tiles are attached to the walls in a unique arrangement.

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