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Porcelain Floor Tiles

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Versatile and durable porcelain tiles at reasonable rates

Constructed with the finest materials, porcelain tiles from Dantotsu is an investment you can be proud of. Cheap porcelain tilesare the perfect flooring solution for any area including bathroom, kitchen, living room, hallways, conservatories and even gardens due to their water resistant properties. You can add a stylish touch to your space with our porcelain tiles.

Benefits of Porcelain floor tiles

Liquid resistance: Cheap porcelain tiles are denser and less porous than other tiles. They are highly liquid resistant which makes them perfect for use in damp areas like bathrooms, basements, etc.

Highly stain resistant: This material is stain resistant. When stains get onto any surface they usually seep down in and set, that is what makes them so difficult to remove.60x60 porcelain tiles are very dense, they are impervious to most of the stains and don’t get any chance to seep down in and set there. 

Durability: If you want tiles for a high traffic area, porcelain tiles are the better option. These highly dense porcelain tiles are much more difficult to break, and they can withstand heavy use over time in a better way. 

Longer life span: Porcelain tiles are tough to break and they are exceptionally hard, which means it is difficult to scratch or chip these tiles. When you are looking for the best tiles in the latest trends, porcelain tiles are a great solid option. Out of the different tile flooring options, porcelain tiles have the longest lifespan.

Low maintenance: Due to their highly durable properties,60x60 porcelain tiles can be maintained easily. Simply wash the tiles regularly and remove the grout accumulated in between. Even if the tiles become cracked or damaged, they will look decent.

Why choose Dantotsu for porcelain tiles?

From polished to matte finished 60x60 porcelain tiles, we’ve got it all at the lowest price. At Dantotsu, we are so confident about our product pricing that we even promise to beat it if you get our tiles elsewhere for less price! Good value of products doesn’t always mean sacrificing the quality. All our tiles are sourced from renowned suppliers in the UK, ensuring you get good quality for a wonderful price.

We understand that it can be hard to select the right tiles online - that’s why we provide you all kinds of tile samples for just 99p! Order the sample of your preferred porcelain tiles or encaustic tiles to see how they look in your home or work place. Once you’ve made your decision, just order online - we’ll even offer free delivery on orders over £500.

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