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It has to be said, there are fewer tile styles more sought after for kitchens and bathrooms than granite tiles. Not only are granite tiles extremely efficient with regards to easy maintenance and their ability to match any kind of interior décor, but they provide a classy yet modern appearance which is regularly searched for by many home owners.

Great Quality Granite Tiles to Buy Online

Of the most popular sort of granite tiles are absolute black granite tiles. Granite tiles are also available in Galaxy or Star Galaxy, these types of tiles can be purchased by the square meter at a cheap price in comparison to our competitors online. Slightly bevelled and with varying degrees of embedded sparkles these kinds of tiles have a similar appearance to a starry sky and are sure to compliment any type of home.

The quality of our granite tiles, particularly the black granite tiles, is unbeaten and can't be mimicked by any other materials. They have been cut from slabs and professionally polished and never fail to give every home a new luxurious lease of life.

For suppliers and manufacturers of countertops granite is a godsend, but granite tiles aren't the preserve of counter tops, our selection of granite tiles can be used for lots of applications which include walls, floors and fireplaces.

It comes as no surprise that the ideal product for making floor tiles is granite with its reputation for being extremely tough. Granite floor tiles are the perfect investment for anybody searching for the hardest wearing and best looking tiles that are available currently.

Other kinds of stone floor tiles have to be sealed before they can be used, while granite floor tiles are sealed, the all-natural properties of granite make it perfectly appropriate for this function. Granite doesn't stain or scrape and cleans quickly. They also are virtually non-porous; making granite particularly useful when utilized on a floor where moisture quickly develops.