Travertine Floor & Wall Tiles

Tiles Direct stock travertine wall tiles, travertine floor tiles and travertine mosaic tiles which can be delivered direct to your house with our cheap and fast delivery option. 

Travertine Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles and Mosaics

Travertine wall tiles, due to their unique properties and the many hues that they come in, are far superior to the porcelain tile. Travertine wall tiles are a popular selection for kitchen and bathroom walls. As tiles made from natural materials they provide a totally different appearance from porcelain wall tiles.

The rustic appearance and the textured features are more aesthetically appealing than most porcelain counterparts. Available in various finishes and colours Travertine tiles are characterised by holes and troughs in its surface making each tile individual and unique. The impurities and the iron content decide what colour the stone will be. 

Travertine tiles have been used for 100s of years featured in many properties all around the globe. A form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, travertine is essentially sedimentary rock formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate. The Romans famously used this material in the construction of temples, monuments and amphitheatres, the most famous being the Colosseum .With a lot of qualities which capture the attention of home owners and designers, travertine floor tiles and travertine wall tiles will certainly be around for some time to come. 

Travertine tiles, including travertine mosaic tiles, come with many pros, and a few cons, listed below are the three major advantages of travertine tiles.

Eco friendly: Travertine is an all-natural stone unlike porcelain tiles. It is carved out of a quarry in big blocks and then cross-cut down to smaller sized blocks. 

Beauty: Travertine tiles are of some of the most beautiful stone tiles that are available boasting unique colours and textures

Texture: Travertine is available in a few different textures including matte, shiny, brushed, and tumbled. 

Colours: Travertine tiles can be purchased in many colours. These colours range from consist of a beige, a basic ivory and a gold. 

Price: Cheap travertine tiles which are not compromised in product quality can be sourced from our website, We offer great savings to our customers due to the huge buying power we hold with manufacturers.

Our most popular size of travertine wall tiles is 10x10 and they are sourced from the most well-known and highly regarded travertine tile manufactures and suppliers. We feel it is important to only use well known and highly regarded travertine tile manufacturers because we believe in delivering only the very best products to our customers. 

Laying travertine tiles can be done by anyone who knows what they are doing, however, we recommend you hire a professional who will take extra care when cutting and fitting your tiles.